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Everybody wants to look slimmer. That is why losing those extra pounds was one of your new year resolution. But as the days passed, that resolution gone. You could not maintain the routine to lose weight due to daily schedule. But now as the party season approaching you again want to look slim.

You wish to join a gym and set a workout routine but your daily work pressure prevents you to stick to that. So your plan fails again. But you have a easy solution to look slimmer at least for the party period. Do you know what? Yes, you have guessed it correctly. It is using makeup. You can easily flatter your figure by makeup ideas. The secret is to contour to look slimmer.

Actually contouring is nothing but creating an optical illusion with shadows. You can easily create different shadows on face by makeup and depending on the shape of your face, you can minimize features and create angles, which will make you look slimmer. Makeup can change the shape of your face making it slimmer.

It can transform change a long face by shortening the chin. If your face is round, you can use makeup to  emphasize cheekbones.Using makeup ideas to look slimmer is all about making your face firm instead of showing the baby fat on face.


You should use a bronzer one shade darker than your skin tone. It will create a shadow above and around the temples, and lightly along the hairline. This way your forehead will look down and your face will look more oval with a narrow forehead.


Wearing a proper eye makeup is very important to look slimmer. The bigger the eyes the smaller the face will appear as a whole. Make the eyes bigger  by putting extra mascara on the top lashes. Avoid mascara on the bottom lash as this will encase the eyes and make them appear smaller.

Use the shadow in the crease of the eyes. Highlight the eyes by  a light iridescent powder just under your  eyebrow to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Then smooth it all together with a clean finger  or thin brush for a polished look. In this way your eyes will look bigger and in turn you will look slimmer.


In order to slim down the nose, contour upper part of the nose. Blend little darker lines on each side of nose with the centre light. It will make the bridge of nose slimmer than original.


To look slim, you need to create shadow in the cheek. Ideally, you should have the sucked-in bone structure in this portion. To get that artificially, use bronzer under the cheekbone with a highlight in the middle , use these makeup ideas and look your best today.


Double chin is often the problem you face. To avoid that you need to make the chin looking somehow different. Use bronzing  powder two shades darker than your skin tone under your jaw line. It will make  a nice sharp line and square off your chin, giving you a thin, sculpted face
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